We love to show our finished work - we are very proud of each and every project we complete for our customers!

This particular project highlights the use of boulders and rock to break up a steep slope.  The use of mulch in different colors divides the expanse and accomodates for walking paths.  As plant material grows, the slope is stabilized.  Incorporating a dry creek bed with rock helps with drainage. 

In this project, we built a simple stacked stone wall so the homeowner could plant whatever she desired.  In this case, it was going to be vegetables!  The pathway just needed a little TLC, so we cleaned out between the stones, rebordered with rock, and put an aggregrate material over the entire area to help the stones stay in position.

"Alpha and Omega" - these photos show a work in progress for a flagstone patio and walkway. 

This client knew what she wanted and we built it for her.  This stone patio with retaining walls fits perfectly in the home's country setting.  The cap blocks on the wall make perfect seats for the small fire pit the homeowner planned on buying.  The river rock under the deck covered an expanse of dirt and finished off the area that was not accessed by the patio.  The homeowner wanted planting areas around the two big trees on either end of the patio because she likes to "dig in the dirt". 

Customize your own rock!


Come by the yard, pick out a rock and have it personalized by Maryville Monument.  They do a wonderful job sandblasting and painting. 


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