Rock Gardens

Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear


The term “rock garden” almost seems contradictory in nature.  However, just the opposite can be true.  If you've ever taken a walk along a nature path, you may have noticed that rocks are “growing” right alongside various plant materials.  It really is a complimentary pairing.  And let's face it, most rocks will be here way beyond our lifetime!  In the landscaping world, it's called “hardscaping” - using inanimate materials that share space with your living plants, trees, etc.  Scale, color, and texture are all important elements when planning a rock garden. If you have your heart set on a rock garden, but your back can't take the pain, let us do the work!  We'll be happy to build you a rock garden where rocks and plants will “live” in harmony.     


Customize your own rock!


Come by the yard, pick out a rock and have it personalized by Maryville Monument.  They do a wonderful job sandblasting and painting. 


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